The Story

I started this family off as a sort of legacy challenge. The ABC legacy challenge to be exact, but I have a hard time not using cheats because my game kept glitching so I’ve been using cheats with my new generation. I’m currently on generation 3 with a heiress selected but this post is just to give some background info. This will be a very long post.


My founder, Alicia Harpinger met and fell in love with Harry Styles (yes, from former boy-band, One Direction) at the local library in Riverview. Turns out Harry already had a kid with the neighbor across the street. Her name was Linda something and she was unimportant besides the fact that she had the most adorable baby boy with Harry named, Connor. I (Alicia) took everything from Linda, her husband, her child and even her house because it was better than the one I bought for Alicia.

Alicia started her new life with Harry and was on her way up in the Law Enforcement career. Pregnant with her second child, Connor aged up and was sent to Leformage Arts School. While he was away Alicia had a little girl Bianca and her third (second) child Barthlemew. Connor came home with honors, a weird haircut, and all of my love. I wanted him to be heir so bad but, he wasn’t Alicia’s biological child. He helped raise his younger siblings until they aged up as well.

By the time Connor was about to graduate his younger sister and brother came into teenagedom! They all had one last prom together and then I kicked Connor out because it hurt me too much to keep him home with me. He got some girl pregnant and settled down in this dumb small house that I did not buy him. Urgh! Just thinking about it irks me. I bought him this really nice house with my hard earned money I didn’t cheat to get and he goes and moves out with like eleven dogs and this girl I didn’t approve of… Anyway, he hurt me.

As Bianca and Bart were in the midst of their teen years Harry and Alicia grew old and both had completed their life time wishes. One day Alicia receives a call saying she won a free vacation. She happily obliges as she got tired of (I got tired of having her) digging through trash cans. Harry and Alicia leave for a few days and Bianca and Bart are left home alone. My little rebel and her dorky emo brother. While the parents were away you’d think there would have been time for fun but, no! You and me were sadly mistaken as a burglary was afoot. It was actually quite funny as Bianca tried to beat up the burglar and Bart stands there and watches and then took down the burglar. The naughty burglar was apprehended and I think we got our chair back.

Alicia and Harry come back to a dirty house even though there was no party and Bianca gets grounded but Barty is a-okay! Bianca ages up into a very pretty but extremely skinny young adult and a few sim days later Barthalemew ages up into a fine brooding young-man. Alicia, Harry, and Bart move out, leaving Bianca with the house and a flea-ridden chihuahua named Bebe.

Harry and Alicia start demanding grand kids now that Connor and that leech of a wife has two and Bianca (in that very short amount of time) found a man and managed to get pregnant. Bart, now my favorite and heir to Alicia’s fortune goes out and scours the streets and the web to find him a lady! He finds someone and it’s not lady luck. It’s the Grim Reaper there in the brand new house, ready to take my dearest founder, Harry’s loving wife and Bart’s only mother away!

Harry, sadden at the age of 103, dies a day later due to heart break and so does my heart because Harry was such a cute little old man… With the passing of both his parents and not being able to find a mate due to everyone in town is being ugly or taken (and I ain’t messing around with the uggos) I decide Bart should uproot and move to Moonlight Falls.

Generation B

With a whole lot of simoleans and a fresh new start I decided to plant Bart in a very nice Victorian style house that is right near the town hall and the festival grounds. In my honest opinion, it’s the perfect place because Bart would use a lot of his time on his lot painting to complete his lifetime wish to be the Master of the Arts, meaning getting out and doing something fun more readily available. When Bart was ready I sent him to the computer to sign up for this town’s dating site. He saw potential in quite a few women and so did I, but he was rejected by most of the women except for two, Linda Swain and Haley Sumari. They both originally lied on their dating profile, but Haley was the better fit because she’s the only one who agreed to go on a date with Bart.

A few clicks later Haley was moved in and was Bart’s wife. It took them forever to conceive and when they did Bart completed his lifetime wish but as soon as my baby boy Carson was born the game froze and all of my progress was lost because I’m a dummy who doesn’t save as frequently as she should. So I had to start it all over from after the marriage and it was so painful! It took him forever to complete 15 small paintings for the little quests people call about. Once he finished that it was time to get it on… a couple more times because I swear Haley is infertile. I bought the fertility treatment for her and now that I think about it Harry also had the fertility treatment.

The succ! It worked! Haley became pregnant and with twins! Both baby girls and they have C names because the birth of babies means a new generation. Little Carmen and Cassidy were born. They brought me so much joy in the world and at that moment I decided that Carmen was going to be my heiress, unless of course we had a boy because Carson didn’t get his time to shine! He was going to be the Connor I always wanted.

Twins are difficult to take care of so I made Haley quit her job and get the house maker career so she could earn money taking care of her own kids (even though they’re rich). While Haley was doing that Bart was trying to complete the other half of his LTW, which is to master the guitar skill.

Haley eventually not satisfied with twins demanded more children and we agreed that we should have more, for (bless his heart) my baby boy Carson. I just wanted a boy but no, I got another girl this time named Cynthia oh and the twins  aged up into teenagers. I got Carmen, the emo one who likes to talk a lot, a really cute boyfriend who I stole from this unimportant girl, and Cassidy, the popular one who also likes to talk a lot, a really cute boyfriend who I didn’t have to steal.

Prom happened and I was a little surprised when I saw that Carmen won prom queen and not Cassidy. Cassidy was clearly more popular but I guess because Carmen has the charisma skill, she won? Who knows really, it doesn’t matter. I’m just proud of my heiress-to-be.

Haley, at it again with wanting more kids and again we say yes because we want that beautiful baby boy. Do we get him? No! No, we freaking don’t! What we do get is Haley and Bart on the brink of the elder state and two more twin girls! Another set of freaking twin girls! I just can’t win! These little game glitches are named Claire and Ciaira.

Bart is now an old man and Haley is next. Cynthia aged into a child and the youngest set of twins are now toddlers. I’m all caught up now. Let’s see where this game takes us. Hopefully to a better place where Haley stops getting my hopes up.

Start here to dive right into the rabbit hole: Welcome to the Ending of Generation B and the Start of My New Blog! Part B.1


11 thoughts on “The Story

  1. So in response to your comment on my site: the trick to good pictures, is zooming in close to get facial shots, and lots of lighting. Even if that means you have to pause and add outdoor lighting for a night shot before snapping a pic. Lots and lots of light for bright shots inside and out. Large windows to let in the sun are good too. I also use Picasa 3, which is a free photo program to alter pics and is super easy to use, not like all those other ones. It does exactly what I need it to do.

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  2. Haha, so I’m here at last to catch up on your story (forgive me, I procrastinate)
    First off, who doesn’t love Harry? The bit about you taking everything from Linda was hilarious XD
    Also, I’ve never looked into/heard of the ABC challenge so when you got to the part about naming the twin baby girls with C names I had an embarrassingly slow realization of how it works, lol. (Barthlemew is an awesome name btw)
    I realize you’ve had to change some things now – given your update – but I’m looking forward to reading through the chapters 🙂

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    • Better late than never, as the saying goes! The challenge itself is basically the same as a regular legacy challenge besides the naming and how long it lasts. It’s just the most honestly. Have fun catching up! I plan on posting everyday for the rest of this week and next so I can catch up on lost time.

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