Welcome to the Ending of Generation B and the Start of My New Blog! Part B.1

This is my first official post for my Bad Sims Gameplay blog. Thank you for reading! Let’s jump right in and introduce the family!

From your top left to the bottom right is Barthalemew Harpinger, heir to Alicia Harpinger, my former founder. If you’re confused, check out my The Story page to understand. Next to him is his lovely wife Haley Harpinger, who was not so hard to come by but definitely sought after by countless sim men. And just like their mother, Carmen (2nd left picture) and Cassidy (2nd right picture), guys are sending them love letters everyday even though the whole town knows they’re taken. The middle child, and maybe my least favorite is Cynthia. I know, you’re not supposed to have favorite and least favorite children but I do, and I’m pretty sure it’s her. Last, and kind of least we have the other twins that weren’t supposed to really happen, Claire and Ciaira. Listen, I really wanted a boy.

Anyway, Moonlight Falls is a pretty neat town. I bought a nice house that I soon wreaked because of the demon glitch babies. Front of HouseFloor 1Floor 2Floor 3Glitch ShackInsideThis is it along with the Glitch Shack (trade mark) that I had to build so they’d stop glitching out. I want you all to know for the record, I did not use any cheats to obtain the money to afford this house. It was all pure hard work and the genie who grants money.

Oh look, the girls are home from school! Guess what they did? Absolutely nothing because I made them go take a family portrait that I could not get on to this website because I don’t know what I am doing.

Picture 1I feel like this picture proves I don’t know what I’m doing. I couldn’t even get them to look into the camera. It’s sad really.

While they were out Barty rolled the wish to send Cynthia to boarding school and who am I but not a nice and gracious overseer? So I happily agreed with Barty that Cynthia needs to leave.

After they took their picture I witnessed a miracle.Helping

Cassidy finally put one of the toddlers to bed! I mean the baby clearly has to pee but I’m still proud that she didn’t glitch out and take her upstairs.

Hey, you wanna see something creepy?

Creepy Gnome

Yeah, I know. These gnomes are creepy and weird looking.

On to more important things, like skilling!

Interestingly enough Carmen doesn’t have a reflection. That can mean only one of two things, she’s a vampire (which she isn’t) or she’s just too emo to have a reflection. My money is on the too emo one, even though her sister has the most mood swings. While they were skilling, Cassidy found a small white dwarf. There was only one appropriate name for that small white dwarf and it was the small white dwarf who didn’t get a chance, my baby boy Carson. Rest in peace!

Also today is Barty’s birthday! Yay! Let’s get one last look at this beauty before he ages into a wrinkly pile of skin and bones.

A Beauty

Wow, amazing. He’s as cute as a button. He looks like he’s deep in thought. What was he about to do?

Okay we get it

Um, uh. *clears throat* Well then. I guess you gotta get in that one last kiss before you age up. I understand Barty, I getcha. I really do. Well let’s not waste any time finding out what he’ll look like as an elder!


Ah! Look at this little old tall man! He looks like a skinny Santa! I just want to love him! He’s too cute!

Well the girls are graduating in a few days. I think I’ll pick back up from there. Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Ending of Generation B and the Start of My New Blog! Part B.1

  1. Well, I guess I can see now why this blog is called Bad Sims 3 Gameplay. You keep on saying that you don’t know what you’re doing, and every time you do, I find it funny. I wonder when this will get old. But wait… are you planning on continuing this? Do you have this save? Only Heart Breaker’s Tale got deleted? So trippy…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It will never get old because I honestly never know what I’m doing. When I said everything got deleted I mean everything. If I hadn’t uploaded the family to the exchange then yeah this blog would have been over too but luckily I did but unfortunately it doesn’t have all the sims it’s supposed so I kinda have to start over.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Barthalemew looks just as cool as his name 🙂
    Sim baby glitches are the worst, they are so freaky looking, ugh. It’s sad that after all of those kids you didn’t manage to have a boy, haha. But the girls all look lovely though~
    I’ve never played in Moonlight Falls before, I’m interested in seeing how town life is there.

    Liked by 1 person

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