The “Founding” Family


Picture 1As you can tell from this picture. I real good at sim. I couldn’t get Carmen and Cynthia for the life of me to face forward so in the name of this blog this is the content you’re gonna get. From left to right we have, Ciaira, Haley, Cynthia, Carmen, Cassidy, Barthalemew, and Claire.


Bart is an old man now so I included his adult sim and his elder sim. I think he kinda looks like skinny Santa. He has brown eyes which neither of his parents had and he’s mixed with White (Harry), Hispanic, and Black (Alicia).

Traits: Daredevil, Perceptive, Green Thumb, Athletic, and Artistic

Life Time Wish: Master of the Arts – Completed


This is Haley Harpinger. Bart’s far too loving, crooked nosed companion… I mean wife. She was cuter when she was younger.

Traits: Flirty, Technophobe, Mooch, Artistic, and Schmoozer

LTW: Heart Breaker – Not Completed, will never complete


Carmen (top) and Cassidy (bottom)  are the first set of twins and I think they’re super pretty. They definitely take after there mom more than their dad.

Carmen’s Traits: Brave, Vechical Enthusiast, Clumsy, Light Sleeper, and Socially Awkward

LTW: Celebrity Psychic

Cassidy’s Traits: Unflirty, Good, Loves the Heat, Grumpy, and Gatherer

LTW: World Renowned Surgeon


You can’t see it well in this picture but Cynthia actually takes after her grandfather in this picture. Despite the bad photography (my bad), you can tell she has brown hair and if you get up real close you can see the green eyes through her squint.

Traits: Slob, Excitable, and Frugal


They might look identical here but they aren’t. Ciaira (bottom) is clearly darker than the rest of her family and even shares green eyes with Cynthia while Claire (top) is kinda ugly and looks more like Cynthia… I’m just saying.

Claire’s Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Easily Impressed, Heavy Sleeper

Ciaira’s Traits: Loves the Heat, Easily Impressed, Genius

I like the uniqueness the sims offered me this time around.

I figured out how to get the greeting card pictures so here it is!

original Harpinger FamilyCrappy quality just like my game play!