Memory Lane Award

Um wow, thank you, Semprevia for nominating me for this award. I never thought I’d be nominated for anything, well at least not this soon since I just started my blog last month… but anyway with out further ado, let’s get into it.


Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE of your favorite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same. 

Moment #1: The Creepy Gnome- B.1

This gnome is just creepy, like, just look at it. I love it.

Moment #2: Cute New Boy- C.1

Wilfred as a teen. He looks so weird in this picture that I just couldn’t not share it as a favorite moment. So awkward. So cute.

Moment #3: Ho Gonna Get Slapped- C.3.2

Cassidy basically pushed Carmen out of the way to get into their house. This was the face she made at Cassidy. It’s a classic face along with a classsic moment.

Moment #4: Dropped- C.3.2

Carmen got dropped on her face by her sister Cassidy while doing a keg stand. I laughed so hard when this happened in game. I only felt a little bad for Carmen.


Moment #5: I Won- C.4

This moment happened after I said I would make my simself beat Harold, the imaginary party thrower, up. He got what he deserved. Also look at the face I’m making. Priceless.


For the nominations, I don’t know too many blogs on here yet that hasn’t been nominated. Here are the few that I do know that I assume haven’t been nominated yet:

  1. future isbi
  2. Loki is Surrounded by Idiots
  3. Our Different Paths

Have fun doing this little award/challenge!


15 thoughts on “Memory Lane Award

  1. I seriously debated on nominating you, yet I wasn’t sure since like you said, you are still quite new in there. I loved when your simself kicked Harold’s ass. Keep doing this, waiting for your new chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

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